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A painter based in paris

Creating a new website gallery for a painter to give her more visibility.

Atoms, your bank app

An app where you can control your finances, track and invest your money, manage your expences, all in one place and at the same time, is now possible. Atoms is made so you can reach your financial goals quicker.

It has never been so easy to send money to your friends wherever they are located. You can also spend abroad like a local.

La Rotonde Batille

La Rotonde Bastille is located in the hectic area of Bastille, downtown Paris. During the busy hours, customers gather and come for a few drinks. 

Creating a new website for the restaurant. The project includes photographs, UI & UX design, and a new visual identity. The website also has to be a reservation tool for customers.

Muscle Tea - Protein tea drink

MuscleTea is a UK based natural herbal tea business with a sports science background, working closely with both fitness models as well as professional athletes.

Our mission is to help athletes and gym goes overcome the difficulties of modern day living to achieve their fitness and physique goals, more specifically helping athletes build more muscle, burn more fat and overall improve health and physical performance

Peggy Gou - Starry Night in Seoul

Peggy Gou is a South Korean artist who was revealed in 2016 with her first EP “it makes you forget”.


For a special private event, I designed this poster.

Palicidi Spa- A spa based in Nha Trang

A place where you can refill your energy battery. 


For the launch of the brand, Palicidi spa had t create a brand new visual identity.

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